[plug] Drafting a code of conduct

Marcus Holmes mh at marcusholmes.biz
Wed Apr 1 11:17:20 UTC 2015

Excellent move :) Looks good to me from the experience I've had with

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On Wed, Apr 1, 2015, at 07:11 PM, Michael Van Delft wrote:
> Hi All,
> One of the things that was brought up at the last committee meeting
> was introducing a Code of Conduct for PLUG. I think a Code of Conduct
> is a great idea to encourage diversity and set a standard we can all
> agree on and adhere to.  I'm not great with words or policy documents
> so I've gratefully taken one from Linux Australia to use as a draft
> that you can look at on GitHub
> https://github.com/plugorgau/constitution_and_policies/blob/master/Draft%20Code%20of%20Conduct.md.
> It's pretty bare bones at the moment I've pretty much just done a
> :%s/Linux Australia/Perth Linux Users Group/g and pushed it up there.
> Got a change you want to make? We love pull requests! or you can just
> discuss it on the list. I'd love to see some good discussion around
> this and get as much input from members as we can. If you don't want
> to send your comments to list, feel free to send them directly to
> committee.
> --
> Michael
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