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Euan de Kock euan at dekock.net
Mon Feb 2 13:41:54 UTC 2015

Hi Fellow Pluggers,

Wow, it's been another year already - we've had a pretty interesting

We'll be having the AGM next week on Tuesday at Spacecubed, from 6:30pm
onwards. We're planning on having a general chat and pizzas and beers
afterwards, so please come along and support the AGM.

We will be taking nominations from the floor before we select the
committee, so please feel free to stand up and offer your support - the
team would really appreciate it, and it gives you a good chance to
influence the direction PLUG takes next year.

I'd like to ask you all for a small favour - PLUG is run as a special
interest group, based around Linux and Open Source software. This is
actually a pretty large sphere now. If you've ever attended a
linux.conf.au conference you'll be aware of just how active it all is.

As a small organisation we can't really cover every possible interest,
so we try to target a few areas where we feel people will be interested
and will get involved. While our talks will generally cover a broad
area, our activities need to be constrained to something achievable.

We've been putting a lot of focus into Audio-Visual, and have been
recording all our talks and putting them on-line for free viewing and
download. We've also been very active with the last few linux.conf.au
events, with a team volunteering on the AV crew at Canberra in 2013,
doing all our own video recording at linux.conf.au in 2014 here in
Perth, and a few members representing us on the av team at linux.conf.au
2015 in Auckland. Following on from the work we did in Canberra, Leon
and Luke have built some pretty useful av management software, and this
has really helped to keep everything running smoothly, and we are now
being approached to help with linux.conf.au in 2016.

What I'd be really interested in hearing about are any ideas you have
that we could put some effort into. I think next years committee will
really appreciate some good ideas to pick up on, and we'd really love to
have your participation in these projects - I think the efforts with the
av project shows we really can achieve pretty impressive results when we
focus on something - so lets hear your ideas please.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Best Regards,

Euan de Kock - President, Perth Linux Users Group (PLUG)

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