[plug] PLUG Annual General Meeting 20140211 Minutes

Peter Lyons secretary at plug.org.au
Mon Feb 2 14:25:28 UTC 2015

The minutes for the last AGM follow. My apologies for not issuing them earlier
than this. There will be an opportunity at next week's AGM to correct any
errors or ommissions in what follows.
Minutes of the PLUG Annual General Meeting 2014
held on Tuesday, 11th February 2014 from 7pm
at 'SpaceCubed', Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Members present:
	Gary Buckle
	Alastair Irvine
	Peter Lyons		(Minute Taker)
	Leon Wright
	Andrew Cooks
	Luke John
	Nick Bannon
	Paul del Fante
	Tim McKeaveney
	James Henstridge
	Euan de Kock		(Chair)

Members proxy:
	Jason Nicholls

	Margaret Wood
	Jason Nicholls

Meeting opened Tuesday February 11th 2014 at 7:20pm by Euan de Kock
It was determined that as current membership was 42 that sufficient
members were present for quorum to be met.

0. Apologies & James Bromberger

1. Euan's overview
	- talks every month, not always
	- PLUG in the Pub ~ 6-10 people
	- Quiz Night, <undecipherable> Turing monopoly
	- AV team, strength to strength, especially LCA 2013 & 2014
	- Spacecubed cabling, allowing us to have free access
	- LCA 2014, most PLUG committee on it
	Called on Luke:
		- massive thanks to Luke & Paul
		- rest of team thanks, AV amazing, Leon & Jason
		- thanks to rest, Nick etc
		- recorded talks on Youtube & LA mirror
	Alastair reported involvement
	Euan wrapped up

2. Treasurer's report
	Paul distributed from <undecipherable> for LCA
	2015 slow start
	approxiamately 75 to 92, 6 membership payments, 210 <undecipherable>
	cost decreased due to AWS & Spacecubed
	donation from WAIA
	December balance $3258 not including assets
	total #3500 bank + cash box $532 or $557
	Recent memberships / <undecipherable> / donations / T-shirt
	expense about $1084 estimate $1200 (Amazon) mostly AV
	plan to get VISA debit card from LCA
	hoped for resurgence afte conference, but did not occur
	meetup helping, Software Freedom Day & speakers to boost
	Apologies for not having exact figures
	2014 September	$2831 + $445 cashbox
	today		$2973.44 + $552 cashbox
			$3325 total cash
	Paul foreshadows stepping down unless no interest

	Motion: That last years minutes be accepted for AGM-1 & AGM-2;
	Moved: Euan; Seconded: Paul That minutes be accepted for AGM-1 & AGM-2;
	Passed: without dissent

Matters Arising
	- Lotterywest grant; can still ask
	- carry over

	Paul adds profit $220 up.

	Euan called for a returning officer
	Motion: That standing orders be suspended;
	Moved: Nick; Seconded: Peter

	Moved back to reinstate orders
	Meeting appoints Luke Returning Officer
	Luke read out nominations:
		Nick Bannon
		Euan de Kock

		Nick Bannon
		Euan de Kock

		Nick Bannon

		Nick Bannon
		Peter Lyons

		Paul Del Fante
		Jason Nicholls
		Nick Bannon
		Andrew Cooks
		James Henstridge

	Election of Chairperson
		Nick Bannon withdraws; Euan de Kock elected unopposed.
	Election of Vice-Chairperson
		Nick Bannon elected unopposed
	Election of Treasurer
		No nominees remain, nominations are called from the floor.
		Only Paul del Fante nominates.
		Paul Del Fante elected unopposed.
	Election of Secretary
		Peter Lyons elected unopposed.
	Election of Ordinary Committee Members
		Only 3 nominees remain.
		Jason Nicholls, Andrew Cooks & James Henstridge elected unopposed.

General Business
	- Alastair offers support for existing committee & <undecipherable>.
	  chooses to be on committee list
	Luke noted may need to be in camera discussion
	Euan noted making minutes available
	Alastair moves to add issue tracker
	Euan wants to thank outgoing committee - Luke & Alastair
	Alastair notes items on issue trackerif needed & <undecipherable>
	Nick remarked self-discipline needed
	Euan spoke about continuing meetings & talks

	Paul spoke about getting VISA debit card from LCA for PLUG

	Motion: That the VISA debit card be purchased from LCA for PLUG
	Moved: Euan; Seconded: Nick
		Paul to do recurrent credit invoice
		Gary asked about legal difficulties
		Paul said that it was a prepaid card not a credit facility

	Alastair asked if we have reserved instance for AWS E2
	wants to move committee <undecipherable>
	Luke points out that we are not paying for the instance,
	so Alastair withdraws proposal

	Alastair asked about committee list
	Nick noted that normal business
	Peter noted that will continue practice of observers at meeting
	Luke asks about business on committee list,
	Euan said outs something

	Leon asked who is on sysadmin
		Leon, Nick, Alastair, (Paul not active), Luke only observing
		Craig not heard from for a while, Tim but stepping down
	Luke raises point - lack of direction
	Leon agrees, as this was his point
	Leon to organize sysadmin meeting
	Alastair seconds committee to issue rationale on email
	he suggested one follow a committee meeting for strategy as a one off

	Euan closes meeting at 8:04pm.

Date of Next Meeting
	Committee meeting at 7:30pm on 17th February 2014 via IRC/Mumble

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