[plug] Error issues caused by chip card OxA886

Craig Foster craig at fostware.net
Sun Jun 21 06:09:31 UTC 2015

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> On 21/06/15 11:18, Linda Ray wrote:
> > Hello Paul and other PLUG members. In case you have more info to help.
> > After quite a few investigations following some online information 
> > regarding network connections.. it has come down to the fact that the 
> > wifi chip card 0xA886 is not allowing access to wifi.. as it is a
> G'day Linda,
> Is this a PCI card or a USB card and does 0xA886 refer to a PCI id or a USB id? Either way, it's only half of the number required to identify the product. I assume its a product id, but we really need the vendor id also to be able to assist.
> Always up for a challenge.
> Regards,
> Brad

Best guess is the laptop model number is PSKUQA-02H00S, which according to this page:
is a Broadcom dual-purpose PCIe card - BCM43142

There seems to be someone building .debs for it near the end of page 1 of https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=145884

Hopefully this helps,


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