[plug] Multifunction printer/scanner

Craig Foster craig at fostware.net
Thu May 21 05:56:02 UTC 2015

I'll second the CLX-4195FW from Samsung.

Wired and wireless colour laser with PCL6 and PostScript. SANE works with the scanner (over wireless anyway)
Scans to PDF over SMB share as well. They have their own software for Linux scanning as well I think. Dunno, haven't used it...

BTW http://www.inkstation.com.au provide decent "more affordable" toner replacements, as with most cheap laser printers the toners have chips in them (boo! DRM)


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Hi all,

I am using a Samsung 4195. Not sure if the scanner works with Linux, but since you can scan to a network folder (samba/cifs) or directly to email it's not really a problem. Printing works ok for most parts.


On 21/05/15 12:39, David Dartnall wrote:
> Some advice appreciated please.
> I have a Brother DCP-385C printer/scanner, which has been a great 
> piece of gear for years.
> The problem has been drivers, solved up to now with Brother assistance 
> and a bit of messing around.
> I have recently installed ubuntu 15.04 and while the Brother printer 
> driver software works fine, there's no way I can get the scanner working.
> I'm sick of having to install drivers and modify files to get the 
> Brother stuff working every time a new version of linux is installed!
> Could someone please recommend a printer/scanner which is linux 
> compatible?
> Dave Dartnall

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