[plug] help needed to rebuild wordpress website

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Thu Oct 1 13:59:51 UTC 2015

Hi Jon,

I've had no personal experience migrating wordpress as you are right 
now, but there are currently 522 people logged in to #wordpress on 
freenode IRC.
It is a fair bet that you will get good information fairly quickly from 

David G

On 01/10/15 21:33, Jon Miller wrote:
> I'm seeking someone that can walk me through getting my website back up.
> I've had to rebuild the server as the older one died.
> I've built this one with Debian 8.2
> The old one was running SLESv11
> The WordPress on the Debian server is the latest version, whereas the 
> the version on the older server was running a version behind this new 
> version.
> I have access to the old drive as this is still in good condition.
> Currently, it is attached to an external dock with a USB connection to 
> the new server.
> What I need to know is can I overwrite the new version of WP with the 
> older version, make some changes in the some of the configuration 
> files and bring up the old website.
> MySQL would probably require some changes in its config files.
> I would like to know what are the other files that may require some 
> changes.
> Also from what I've been told I'll have to dump the new database and 
> import the old database. I'm not sure how this is done other than 
> using phpmyadmin and doing an export and import, but what parameters 
> do I need to add to this?
> Also I need to know where is the mysql database stored because I 
> cannot find it on the old drive.
> Regards,
> Jon L Miller, Photographer
> http://www.jLorenzo.com.au
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