[plug] process keeps running

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Sat Oct 10 01:09:28 UTC 2015

Hi Jon,

Seems a bit strange....

Does it happen immediately on login, or after some other application is run?

Try running htop via ssh and putting it in tree view (F5)
You can then search for the calculator process and if you are lucky see 
what the parent process was.
There are other view options for htop that may be helpful here as well.

Using ssh to do this has some side effects that may be useful.

  * You can hopefully view the ssh terminal on a large screen with lots
    of lines, so it's easier to see what is happening
  * When the system crashes, you can always see what was on the console
    still (saved me more than once)
  * It may only be the GUI that crashes, you may still have full control
    of the system via ssh.
  * htop will show you memory and cpu usage, so you will have more info
    on what caused the crash.

I can envisage this being caused by a number of things, including a 
faulty keyboard or some device that is being seen as a keyboard (if 
there is a hotkey configured on the system to start calculator).
It may be worth changing the keyboard/mouse and unplugging all other 
peripherals and see if this fixes the issue.

Give us a little more information on what has happened on the machine 
since boot until the crash.
Also how quickly do the multiple calculators get opened?

David G

On 09/10/15 19:14, Jon Miller wrote:
> I'm having an issue where a process (calculator) will load to 84 times on
> the desktop and cause the system to freeze.
> Any idea how to find what is making this load?
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