[plug] Mandatory data retention

Hani Jabr hani at nuix.net
Mon Oct 12 01:29:10 UTC 2015

Isn't this "too little, too late?"  Doesn't this just make you a target for the AFP and serve as an excuse to ban encryption?

> On 12 Oct 2015, at 08:52, Luke John <email at lukejohn.me> wrote:
> Hey Pluggers.
> I'm planning on finally moving to encrypted and off the record
> messaging to celebrate the implementation of mandatory data tommorrow
> starting tomorrow.
> Based on the information put out by the EFF
> [Communicating with Others](https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/communicating-others)
> I'm currently looking at using signal for encrypted messaging and
> chatsecure for off the record messaging as both are available on ios
> and android.
> Has anyone had experience using these or similar tools and have any
> advice for how to encourage friends and family to start using them as
> well?
> Cheers,
> Luke
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