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Euan euan at dekock.net
Mon Sep 28 13:58:08 UTC 2015

Hi David,

I stand corrected. I never knew cp would populate a raw device like that.

You learn something new every day.

Thanks and Regards,


On 28 September 2015 9:54:21 PM AWST, David Godfrey <info at sbts.com.au> wrote:
>Hi Euan,
>In days past you would be correct.
>The current instructions are to use cp to copy the ISO directly to the 
>raw device.
>See https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/ch04s03.html.en
>David G
>On 28/09/15 20:01, Euan wrote:
>> cp ...?
>> Surely you want to use dd.
>> cp would assume the device is already formatted and mounted, and will
>> just copy the iso to a file on the usb stick.
>> Regards,
>> Euan
>> On 28 September 2015 1:08:50 AM AWST, David Godfrey
><info at sbts.com.au> 
>> wrote:
>>     Regarding installing from USB....
>>     These days if you are setting up a USB stick to install debian
>>     from and you have a linux system available to do the task all
>>     is needed is to
>>     /    cp debian.iso /dev/sdXX/
>>     so if your USB stick is coming up as /dev/sdb just run
>>     /    cp debian.iso /dev/sdb/
>>     I can't remember the recommended windows tool, but the debian
>>     installation guide will point you in the right direction.
>>     You no longer need to use special tools that manipulate ISO's to
>>     install from USB.
>>     All debian, and most derivatives use hybrid ISO's that can be
>>     booted from cd/dvd/usb/hdd directly.
>>     Regards
>>     David G
>>     On 28/09/15 00:43, Oliver Hills wrote:
>>>     Debian is easy to install just head to their website and
>>>     the right iso, for installing from usb you can google a load of
>>>     usb iso installers depending on what OS your starting with I
>>>     lili today from a Windows box to osx and it worked fine.
>>>     On the topic of WordPress go for it but be prepared to harden
>>>     your server, I run a commercial cpanel /whm server and you would
>>>     be amazed at the amount of attacks I see per hour.  Secure ssh
>>>     key only and go from there maybe learn csf and read it's
>>>     documentation properly first.
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>>>     From: Jon Miller <jonl711 at hotmail.com>
>>>     Date: 27/09/2015 22:57 (GMT+08:00)
>>>     To: plug at plug.org.au
>>>     Subject: [plug] help needed
>>>     I'm looking to install Debian on a web server and would like to
>>>     get the
>>>     groups option.
>>>     As I have always used SuSE Enterprise Linux as my servers for
>>>     everything,
>>>     changing to Debian is a choice I decided to make due to support
>>>     issues.
>>>     My question is I want to install Debian from either a DVD or
>>>     can I get
>>>     a link to download the files I would imagine an iso would do the
>>>     trick.
>>>     The web server I'm planning to install is run on Debian will be
>>>     WordPress.
>>>     Is there anyone that is against this and if so why?
>>>     Thanks
>>>     Jon
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