[plug] Nominations for Committee and AGM reminder

Michael Van Delft michael at hybr.id.au
Thu Dec 22 14:05:07 AWST 2016

Hi All,

## Nominations for Committee

The nominations for committee have now closed, the following positions
were nominated for:

* President:
* Vice President: Paul Del Fante
* Secretary:
* Treasurer: Peter Lyons
* Ordinary Committee Member 1: Margaret Wood
* Ordinary Committee Member 2: Dean Bergin
* Ordinary Committee Member 3:

The positions that were not nominated for (President, Secretary, and
one Ordinary Committee Member position) are open to nominations from
the floor on the night of the AGM.

Please note only financial members are able to stand for committee and
vote at the AGM.

## (repeated) Notice of Annual General Meeting

There will be food (subway) and drinks provided at the AGM which will
be held at:

Ground Floor
45 St Georges Terrace,
Perth WA 6000

on Tuesday 10 January 2017 at 7:30 pm.

## Lightning talks

After the AGM we will be opening up the floor for lighting talks. Want
to rant for or against systemd? Do you have final and conclusive proof
that Vim or Emacs is better? Have a great project you have been
hacking on and think the world should know? If you have something you
want to talk about and think you can fit it into our 2 and a half
minute time limit come along an let us know.

##  Agenda

1. Opening
2. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2015 AGM
3. Committee Reports (including accounts)
4. Election of 2017 Committee
5. General Business
6. Meeting Close
7. Lightning talks

## Proxies

Rule 20 allows for proxy votes. You may appoint another member to
attend and vote on your behalf. A proxy form is attached to this
notice for your convenience.

Michael Van Delft
PLUG Secretary 2016
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