[plug] anyone experimenting with Arduino? mpu-6050? headtracking?

wolfbite wolfbite.aus at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 14:43:05 AWST 2016

I got a Altronics Ardrino starter kit for xmas :)

Hardware seams straight forward (although the small breadboard seemed 

soldered up the mpu-6050 to wires, connected to arduino, ran ide, "IT'S 

ran the processing teapot sketch, little plane worked (once the drift 
settled down)

works in both linux & windows

now the hard part

getting it to be reconized in games.

been going gaga searching/try stuff on the net, finding, trying, not 
seeing the data

not sure if its because data not being presented properly (but expect it 
to be part the blame)

but really havent worked out what I need todo next.

some how set it as a keyboard? mouse? joystick?

most of the examples I found get to the testing via ide/processing

I need the last bit (but too new and feeling dumber every minute :)

Any help appreciated


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