[plug] anyone experimenting with Arduino? mpu-6050? headtracking?

wolfbite wolfbite.aus at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 15:13:28 AWST 2016

its possable. readit plenty places,some quite convoluted, but i'm still 
new and leaving the fancy methods for later (when frustrated level gets 
to i dont care if I stuff this anymore :)

edtracker is the big key, but they've moved on to other hardware ie mpu-9150
their older code seems ok but i'm still missing somethings

most of the examples shows building and testing (via ide/processing)
none make the leap to the next bit (add os software & use except edtrack 
and software missing something)

thanks for the response anyway

On 30/12/16 14:51, Marcus Holmes wrote:
> from my experiments with the Arduino, there's shields for everything. I
> bought a bluetooth shield for $10 ish to experiment with, haven't got it
> working yet but it's on the pile of "things to do this year" and the
> instructions seemed simple enough. There's also ethernet shields if you
> want to use that.
> Not sure about using the serial connectivity that it uses for debug for
> connecting to another process. I guess it's possible but haven't tried
> it.
> I doubt you'd be able to connect it as a standard PC peripheral at all,
> well I expect there's a shield for that but it won't do it out of the
> box for sure.

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