[plug] IT budget, software or techniques

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Fri Jun 17 12:01:50 AWST 2016

Hi Gregory,

If I can suggest a piece of software that is OVERKILL, but will do what
you need and more.....


This is an opensource package developed on linux (debian) but should run
on any system with good perl 5.10+ support.
It uses a postgres DB as the datastore and browser as the User Client.

We are working on v1.5 release right now with several Beta's having been
bundled already.
Currently I would recommend installing direct from the Git Repository
master branch as the last beta to be release has noticeable issues.

There is a debian package for the latest v1.4 at http://apt.ledgersmb.org
Although there are significant improvements in 1.5 hence my suggestion
to use Master instead.

LedgerSMB is a full accounting, inventory and (to some extent) CRM
system with good reporting capabilities.
It's based on GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and fits
with most business workflows out of the box
The software has been around for over 15 years now, and is improving in
leaps and bounds.

We have a number of support options including Mailing lists, but for
quick response
gets you to #ledgersmb in a web client on the matrix.org platform
(#ledgersmb is bridged to freenode channel of the same name)

If you have any questions, I'm normally about in #ledgersmb as dcg_mx
(or M-sbts)

David G

On 14/06/16 13:50, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wonder if y'all could recommend a method or some software to help me
> do some simple tracking of an IT budget. Currently I have a
> spreadsheet with two main worksheets:
> * a lookup worksheet with two headings: Category, Currency (AUD, USD)
> * an actual-details worksheet with five headings: Date, Description,
> Category, Currency, Amount, where Category and Currency are
> hard-references to the lookup worksheet (e.g. =lookup.$A$5).
> I would like to have some basic analysis of these figures as I record
> them, e.g. quarterly totals, totals by category, totals by currency,
> and as a bonus some conversion between the currencies for an overall
> picture - either using an externally references rate, or just a
> hardcoded one.
> The worksheet is called actual-details because there's also a
> budget-details and a budget-summary (heavy use of SUMIFS from
> budget-details), and I've started on an actual-summary but that one is
> getting messy with no useful output so far.
> I can fiddle about in the spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc) creating
> sums, but I figure there's some techniques I don't know, plus I reckon
> there's some FLOSS software out there that might help me with all of
> this. The whole thing is just cobbled together with a bit of advice
> from a friend who does financial reporting for a big company, but his
> ideas don't all translate well down to this small fry operation.
> TIA,
> Greg.

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