[plug] IT budget, software or techniques

Gregory Orange home at oranges.id.au
Tue Jun 14 13:50:28 AWST 2016

Hi all,

I wonder if y'all could recommend a method or some software to help me
do some simple tracking of an IT budget. Currently I have a
spreadsheet with two main worksheets:
* a lookup worksheet with two headings: Category, Currency (AUD, USD)
* an actual-details worksheet with five headings: Date, Description,
Category, Currency, Amount, where Category and Currency are
hard-references to the lookup worksheet (e.g. =lookup.$A$5).

I would like to have some basic analysis of these figures as I record
them, e.g. quarterly totals, totals by category, totals by currency,
and as a bonus some conversion between the currencies for an overall
picture - either using an externally references rate, or just a
hardcoded one.

The worksheet is called actual-details because there's also a
budget-details and a budget-summary (heavy use of SUMIFS from
budget-details), and I've started on an actual-summary but that one is
getting messy with no useful output so far.

I can fiddle about in the spreadsheet (LibreOffice Calc) creating
sums, but I figure there's some techniques I don't know, plus I reckon
there's some FLOSS software out there that might help me with all of
this. The whole thing is just cobbled together with a bit of advice
from a friend who does financial reporting for a big company, but his
ideas don't all translate well down to this small fry operation.


Gregory Orange

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