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Gregory Orange home at oranges.id.au
Tue Jun 21 10:36:18 AWST 2016

On 21 June 2016 at 10:32, David Godfrey <info at sbts.com.au> wrote:
> Just a word of warning, the LedgerSMB package in the Debian "main"
> Repositories is probably 1.3, DON'T install that.
> Rather use the version available from http://apt.ledgersmb.org which is 1.4
> There are significant improvements.
> We have a team member who is working on getting 1.4 into the main debian
> repositories, but as usual meeting the requirements to get a package
> into main after release is non-trivial.

Okay, well I think I'll be leaving this alone until my next round of
quarterly recording efforts, so perhaps it will be in mainline apt by
then (I'm on Lubuntu 14.04 FYI), or perhaps I'll do as you say and add
that apt repo.

Also FYI, the default Apache LedgerSMB config is a little broken.
You're probably aware that Debian-esque installs do things a bit
differently, i.e. with conf-available/ and conf-enabled/ to be managed
by a2enconf et al. Well, ledgersmb-httpd.conf was installed into
conf.d/ - no biggie, just copied it across to conf-available. Also,
CGI wasn't properly configured - the .pl file attempts to download
instead of running. Some things that would smooth the first time


Gregory Orange

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