[plug] Samba issues

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Sat Mar 12 21:20:25 UTC 2016

Hi Brad,

It's years since I relied much on samba (sshfs FTW), although a company
I was doing work for 12 months ago did have strange things happening
with win7 filesharing in general (no samba involved there) so it may not
be a samba issue at all, but a win7 issue instead.

Also don't discount a network issue, it only takes one unrecoverable
network error to trash a win fileshare connection and I suspect win7 is
more fragile with regards to this.

One thing it is possibly worth trying is setting up an NFS share of the
directory instead of the samba one.
I believe it is fairly simple to access the NFS share from win7.

Hope something I said here helps
Good luck

David G

On 12/03/16 21:07, Brad Campbell wrote:
> G'day all,
> I've googled extensively and turned up nothing conclusive, so I
> thought I'd ask here and see if this tweaks a memory somewhere.
> I have a Debian 7 server (7.9 to be precise) and it is running Samba
> 3.6.6.
> This is configured with security=user (no domain) and I've been
> happily using it to share out directories to Windows machines and VM's
> for some years now.
> As part of my day to day, I use AutoCAD and Revit a _lot_ and until
> recently was running it in a 64bit Windows Server 2003 instance. This
> was a happy setup and I never had issues with it. Unfortunately (or
> fortunately as it might seem) we've landed a new job, and I've had to
> move to Windows 7 as the latest version of Revit won't install in S2k3.
> A lot of what I do with AutoCAD involves multiple thousand line
> AutoLISP scripts iterating directories of a hundred drawings or so.
> With the move to Windows 7, I intermittently get permissions errors
> when re-saving files which causes things to require manual
> intervention and stuffs up my "start it, go to bed and wake up with it
> done" workflow.
> I've confirmed that running exactly the same workflow on the same
> version of AutoCAD in S2k3 works fine, but in Windows 7 I might be
> unable to save a drawing. If I restart Samba, or re-try the save 4 or
> 5 times it eventually works (which makes it _really_ hard to diagnose).
> I've tried mdfs root = No, and various combinations of authentication
> options in my smb.conf, but the problem persists.
> All my googling seems to point to absolute go/no-go issues rather than
> timing related so I've not had much luck. It *is* driving me insane
> and has resulted in me copying entire directories from the server to
> the VM, running the automation and copying it back (and hitting retry
> until the recalcitrant drawings can be overwritten).
> Has _anyone_ bumped up against anything remotely similar, and come up
> with a fix that does not include upgrading to the latest Debian
> version? Let's just say systemd and I don't get along.
> Brad.
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