[plug] Fwd: Samba issues

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Fri Mar 25 15:05:56 UTC 2016

On 25/03/16 01:59, David Godfrey wrote:
> Hi Brad,
> Thanks for reporting back on your unhappy journey ;-)
> Interesting that oplocks was the culprit.
> It may be interesting to look at another option
> "veto oplock files" which allows selective disabling of oplocks using a
> regex
> "fake oplocks"may also be of interest
> "level2 oplocks" may have bearing on your problem as well, what was it
> set to on your system?
> "oplock break wait time" may be of use, but it comes with big warnings
> (it works around bugs in windows handling of oplocks)
> I'm glad you have a solution, although I'm horrified that M$ have yet
> again broken fundamental subsystems.
> I'm also horrified that NFS is not working with modern Windows too.

I'm led to believe that Windows 8.1-> do NFS relatively acceptably as MS 
sponsored some open source efforts to get it working and then integrated 
that. I just can't bring myself to touch what is a working and fairly 
well set up Windows 7 VM that does not 'phone home' like recent later 
windows installs do.

I remember many moons ago tangling with op-locks when replacing an NT4 
box with Samba, and the issues it caused with the supposedly 
"multi-user" MYOB repeatedly corrupting databases when two or more 
clients were using it simultaneously. It did it on NT4, and it did it on 
Samba, so at least there was 'feature' parity.

Nothing I do here requires oplocks anyway as there is never more than 
one user on the system (me). Incidentally, removing the oplocks has 
actually given me a noticeable performance increase also, so win-win.

I turned off both oplocks and level2 oplocks. I just ran out of tweaking 
time when I had 200 drawings to update and blindly did what I could to 
get it working. I might go back and refine it later, but to be honest 
it's one of those things I'll probably never get back to.

Chances are if I ever got forced to move to a later version of Windows 
(and I'm sure Autodesk will make that happen sooner or later) I'll 
revisit the setup. Hopefully I can just move to NFS and be done with it.


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