[plug] Wireless router recommendations

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Wed Nov 16 11:38:07 AWST 2016

On 16/11/16 10:42, Dean Bergin wrote:
> Hello Brad,
> What type of NBN do they have? is it HFC, FTTN or FTTP?
> If there is already an NTU/CPE device that does the modulation and media
> conversion and is presented in the premises as Ethernet, then I would
> highly recommend sticking with OpenWRT with a Raspberry Pi, which is
> very functional even on a dev banch[1] on or some other dev/SoC (System
> On Chip) board such as the up-board up2[2] (currently being kickstarted[3]).

G'day Dean,

Yeah they are the lucky ones (FTTP) but on a 25/5 plan, so it's not that 
quick. As a result it's Ethernet with PPPoE.

I have a few PI3 here, but I was after something with wireless built in. 
Either that or I need to use both a PI and a WAP.

The PI3 has wireless, but it's marginal at best and I never bothered to 
even see if it could play as an AP.

I wasn't planning on moving away from OpenWRT, just looking for a 
wireless unit with more balls and better wireless.

I'm not a fan of Ubiquity personally, so that's a no-go.

The specs on the WRT1900 look good and they appear to be well supported. 
Might have a go with one of those. Worst case we can default back to 
factory firmware and use a PI as a router.


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