[plug] Backup and Restore using LVM2 snapshots?

Dean Bergin dean.bergin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 09:19:55 AWST 2017

Hello PLUG,

I am still persisting with a personal lab of mine (building an all-in-one
openstack proof-of-concept host), however it is looking like I will need to
take advantage of LVM's snapshot feature for the purpose of somewhat
simplified backup and restore of the entire host.

Why use snapshots? Because I'm doing a bare-metal install for which I need
to test multiple install options and I need the functional equivalent of
virtual machine snapshots as I will be restoring it. Often.

I will likely need to backup the entire operating system (sans /boot
partition) as a single partition or logical volume in the case of LVM.

I have two seperate drives of equal capacity (160gb) to work with in this
lab excerise (not to mention limited USB2 ports for external drives).

What would be a reasonable approach to this method considering the LVM
configuration will probably need to survive or persist in the case of a
restore and what caveats would I need to take into consideration?

Pretty sure LVM isn't the only solution but it does seem to be a reasonable
one for my requirements, unless anyone has a better solution for a
reasonable snapshot-like backup and restore of a baremetal hosts filesystem?


Kind Regards,

*Dean Bergin*.
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