[plug] Introduction + broken links

Richard Jones bwl at vivaldi.net
Fri Nov 9 18:55:36 AWST 2018


just joined this list....

I've been using Debian gnu-linux for ages but regrettably 
I've been lazy, using gui mostly and missing out on the 
power available through the cli. One motivation for coming 
here is that I do want to start using that power and I'm 
thinking that interaction in plug may ease the transition.

I've always been puzzled when I see linux people talking 
about that other transition, from Redmond malware to linux, 
as difficult. When I first made that switch, the primary 
motivation was to get away from a broken OS that could only 
be made to work by CS experts, likewise could possible be 
made as secure as linux but again only by experts.

Once I bit the bullet, I had a system that is normally 
working instead of normally broken, and if I had 
difficulties help was only a search away, in contrast to the 
ridiculous amount of time wasted trying to deal with 
multiple hassles on a daily basis.

While I'm here....

I started exploring list archives and found that there are 
multiple broken links to, apparently, an obsolete address at 

Using a clue from the address of the plug archive, I found 
the lists seem to be all at lists.plug.org.au/pipermail/...

I hope this is useful as I'm expecting, sadly, to do much 
more taking than giving.


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