[plug] Looking for assistance with a recent Debian upgrade

Joe Aquilina joe at chem.com.au
Fri Dec 20 09:22:11 AWST 2019

Will be doing my backups first, starting straight after everyone else 
goes home early for their Christmas break at about lunchtime. I found 
that crossgrading page late yesterday - printed it ready for the weekend.

Planning on upgrading the kernel first and making sure that it boots and 
runs ok with a newer kernel first before I attempt the crossgrade.

We are effectively closed until January 6 so I have plenty of time to 
get this done before everyone else returns to work (I am only taking the 
few days between Christmas and New Year).


Joe Aquilina

On 19/12/19 11:38 pm, Brad Campbell wrote:
> On 18/12/19 1:13 pm, Joe Aquilina wrote:
>> I have been reluctant to jump to amd64 on this system because it is a 
>> rather complicated setup, which I am not confident that I could 
>> recreate from scratch if the worst happened. But as you say, perhaps 
>> it is time to do it anyway.
> I've run i386 distributions on x64 kernels for years.
> Last week I crossgraded a Devuan ASCII (So Debian Stretch) install 
> from i386 to x64 relatively painlessly. Anything post Wheezy can be 
> done with the instructions here : https://wiki.debian.org/CrossGrading
> That machine had been running an i386 distribution on an x64 kernel 
> for probably 10 years before I got around to upgrading the userspace. 
> It's co-located on the other side of the globe, so there were 
> precautionary backups and much arse clenching during the process, but 
> it all went cleanly. I'm sure had I not had comprehensive backups it 
> wouldn't have been anywhere near as smooth however.

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