[plug] bank requires linux box be certified

Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Mon Sep 23 09:19:39 AWST 2019

This doesn't exist.

It also doesn't exist for any other operating system.

It cannot exist. Fundamentally all operating systems are unsafe.

Given the skill level displayed by the bank, you could just change the
user-agent of your browser, but I should warn you that this is likely to
cause problems further down the road.

I'd escalate a complaint and if that doesn't work, involve the FIO.
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this scra^Hibble

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On Mon., 23 Sep. 2019, 08:57 david beckwith, <david at beckwith.net.au> wrote:

> My bank account was hacked, now the bank wants my machine certified as
> "safe".
> I have tried to explain about Linux, but they are stubborn - to be
> polite. So I have
> tried ringing various PC Security people, but all said NO to LInux. I
> have been using
> Linux since 1994 and UNIX before that. Currently have 2 HP machines
> (Desktop and
> laptop) both running Linux Mint 19.2.
> I need help finding someone to satisfy my bank.
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