[plug] Talk @ Pawsey Supercomputing Centre - MooseFS and the Elastic NAS

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 26 22:19:38 AWST 2019

Hi Ben,
    after listening to your talk I decided to give moosefs rather than
lizardfs a try.

I started with a gentoo aarch64 pi3B with 1Tb WD green and expanded it
to two odroid-HC2's and 2 existing x86_64 machines with a total of
1x6TB, 2x4Tb, 7x2Tb (mix of WD greens, reds and seagate ironwolfs, some
have years of 24/7 on them) and the 1Tb still on the pi.

After running into gotchas with the odroid supplied image not
recognising the moosefs repositories and seeing the administrative
nightmare that is systemd when something doesn't work out of the box I
went back to gentoo and had it all running sweetly in short order.

vm images going readonly when the cluster is under load, but I am hoping
that will go away once I settle on the final design and use a separate
stale locks (again mostlty vm images) that took some chasing down and
xfs as the backing store has just worked, but btrfs on the 1Tb filled up
causing one cluster of stale locks but otherwise seems fine - just
converted to xfs so will see how it goes.

I think I'll get another odroid-HC2 for the second 4Tb drive (nice units
even if only 32 bit) and start retiring the oldest 2Tb drives.

Thanks for your interesting talk.


On 26/9/19 4:36 pm, Benjamin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The talk I gave for PLUG is having another showing, this time at
> Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. If you're interested or missed it last
> time, you can register for the event here:
> https://pawsey.org.au/event/pawsey-seminar-moosefs-the-elastic-nas/
> It's a talk on building a free, open-source, scale-out Network
> Attached Storage system using commodity components and free software.
> Enjoy!
> ~ Benjamin
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