[plug] Debian 10 NFS automount from fstab

oli oli at deathbycomputers.co.uk
Sat Apr 4 20:00:38 AWST 2020

Maybe not the answer you want. Personally I would uses systemd for mounts instead on a modern system I've just found it works better than fstab. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
-------- Original message --------From: Dean Bergin <dean.bergin at gmail.com> Date: 4/4/20  19:06  (GMT+08:00) To: plug at plug.org.au Subject: [plug] Debian 10 NFS automount from fstab Hello Fellow Linux Users,I've been slaving away at getting my cloud native services working and for thos most part everything works except for one thing. Automatic NFS mount via fstabI can manually mount by running the following command whicch implies that fstab is for the most part set up correctly except its just not automatically mounting at boot;sudo mount -aCan anyone here offer some suggestions?I am running Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)$ uname -r4.19.0-8-amd64Without the backend NFS storage my whole cloud-native solution falls appart :-(Regards,Dean Bergin
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