[plug] Xubuntu + Dell XPS + "thunderbolt" HDMI?

Nicholas Lloyd nic at heswa.com.au
Fri Apr 17 16:58:33 AWST 2020

Hi Chris,

I think you'll need a thunderbolt cable to make it work.  While it has 
the same connector, it's not the same as USB type C.

Unfortunately it won't help you here, but they're apparently merging 
thunderbolt into the USB4 spec, so we shouldn't have this issue in a 
couple of years.

Kind regards,

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On 17/04/2020 4:46 pm, Chris McCormick wrote:
> Hey all,
> In 2017 I bought a new laptop because my laptop stopped working after 
> I zapped it. After I got home from the shop I turned my laptop off and 
> on again and discovered it was still working *facepalm*. I put the new 
> laptop away for later.
> Fast forward to 2020 and I'm upgrading to my "new" laptop. I 
> successfully installed Xubuntu on it and then I went to plug my 
> DisplayLink to HDMI converter into it and found a weird looking port 
> instead of the DisplayLink port. The port on the new laptop looks like 
> a USB-C port with a little lightning symbol next to it. Apparently 
> it's called "thunderbolt".
> So I went to Officeworks and bought a "USB-C to DisplayLink" converter 
> cable, came back to my office and plugged it in so that I have the 
> following cables/converters:
> HDMI (monitor) -> HDMI-to-DisplayLink -> DisplayLink-to-USB-C
> No dice.
> With my existing Dell XPS when I plug in the DisplayLink cable I get 
> the "Display: Configure screen settings and layout" app popup and I 
> can configure the second HDMI to be above the laptop screen.
> On the new laptop with these cables plugged in the display 
> configuration app can't see the monitor at all. I've tried all kinds 
> of turning-off-and-on-again, plugging things in in a different order 
> etc. but nothing i do causes the monitor to appear.
> Ideas?
> Cheers,
> Chris.

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