[plug] Asking for help from a Perth Linux user who can read Ispci with my RME HDSPe PCIE Madi installed?

Paul Nielsen paulhnielsen at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 19:37:43 AWST 2020

Firstly, thanks to you all for allowing me to ask this question via email in your group.

I myself do not have any Linux experience, but I'm looking into the possibility of building a PC using a debian Linux type VM called Proxmox, to pass through Mac OSX.

I'm a member of another forum called macos86.it. A fellow member of that group, has asked me if I can read an "Ispci" of my RME MADI audio PCIE card?
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if I install my PCIE card into a desktop computer that already has Linux, the Ispci Linux utility can be used to read the architecture of the card?

Apparently, this may possibly help this fellow member to find a solution to 'pass through' audio, to an RME MADI HDSPe PCI card in his Proxmox VM.

Is there a PLUG meeting in Perth, where I can go to find assistance in this matter?

Appreciate any of your precious time in answering this question. Hope you can help.


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