[plug] Asking for help from a Perth Linux user who can read Ispci with my RME HDSPe PCIE Madi installed?

Benjamin zorlin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 22:09:54 AWST 2020

Hi Paul,

Yes, you are on the right track. lspci is a command line utility that will
spit out a list of devices. You can boot a Linux LiveCD (a popular one is
Ubuntu), open the terminal application, and type in "lspci" and hit enter.
Then copy and paste that to the person who needs it.

We have regular talks and workshops, you're welcome to come along to them.
In particular, we have "hack afternoons" every 2nd Sunday of each month,
which are well suited to these kinds of questions...

Good luck :)
- Wings

On Sat, 8 Aug 2020, 19:37 Paul Nielsen, <paulhnielsen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Firstly, thanks to you all for allowing me to ask this question via email
> in your group.
> I myself do not have any Linux experience, but I'm looking into the
> possibility of building a PC using a debian Linux type VM called Proxmox,
> to pass through Mac OSX.
> I'm a member of another forum called macos86.it. A fellow member of that
> group, has asked me if I can read an "Ispci" of my RME MADI audio PCIE card?
> Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if I install my PCIE card into a
> desktop computer that already has Linux, the Ispci Linux utility can be
> used to read the architecture of the card?
> Apparently, this may possibly help this fellow member to find a solution
> to 'pass through' audio, to an RME MADI HDSPe PCI card in his Proxmox VM.
> Is there a PLUG meeting in Perth, where I can go to find assistance in
> this matter?
> Appreciate any of your precious time in answering this question. Hope you
> can help.
> Paul
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