[plug] Kerberos Ticket for Local Service Account

Alex alex at spottedmouse.com
Thu Jul 16 13:15:58 AWST 2020

Hi all,


I am looking at running a service under a local system account on a linux
server, but need to be able to access a NFS v4 share with Kerberos enabled
security. As root user I can see that using the machine's Kerberos ticket
access to the share works successfully. However as soon as I try to access
the share using another local system account access to the share is denied.


I am hoping we have a local Kerberos expert who might be able to point me in
the direction on how this is usually done. Any pointers on how to allow
local system users access to the Kerberos tickets and the share would really
help me out.


Kind regards


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