[plug] PLUG events eminder

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Wed Jul 22 09:52:02 AWST 2020

On Mon, 13 Jul 2020 at 13:03, M S R Wood <msrwood at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now that restrictions are being eased, PLUG is once again able to
> provide some "in person" events
> Please join us on Tuesday 14th July, from 6 pm on at our usual venue
> Spacecubed, for a presentation by James Henstridge on GitHub Actions
> GH Actions is a continuous integration system that can be used for
> everything from building and testing code as it is checked in to
> automatically responding to bug reports.
> The talk will cover the basics of how to use the system, along with an
> overview of how to extend it with your own actions.
> The talk will start at 7pm with drinks beforehand
> If you can't get to Spacecubed tomorrow, you can join us online via
> BigBlueButton.
> BigBlueButton is free, you don't need to create an account, and you
> don't need to download anything. Just point your browser at
> https://meetings.ucc.asn.au/b/nic-4cd-3jg

I've published a copy of the presentation to PLUG's YouTube channel here:


This was constructed from the BigBlueButton recording of the event,
processed through some scripts I wrote.  Now that I've done it once,
we can probably get next month's talk up on the channel much faster.

If anyone has any ideas to make the empty space around the slides and
camera look nicer, the backdrop image is here:



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