[plug] eduroam network

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Mon Mar 2 09:25:45 AWST 2020

G'day All,

Does anyone have any experience with authenticating wifi using the 
eduroam network? PEAP/MSCHAPv2/RADIUS

I tried it last year with wicd and had absolutely no luck at all.

I was hoping to use wpasupplicant in a static configuration to allow an 
OpenWRT box to authenticate and access the network (have to do another 9 
months in PCH and their public network uses MITM on all SSL connections. 
Their eduroam doesn't).

I'm back in on Tuesday, so will have plenty of time to fiddle over the 
next couple of months, but it occurred to me there might be someone here 
that has managed Linux as a client on the network somewhere.

Of course MacOS and Windows work perfectly, as do my IOS devices.

Advice or pointers gratefully appreciated.

An expert is a person who has found out by his own painful
experience all the mistakes that one can make in a very
narrow field. - Niels Bohr

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