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Kevin Shackleton krshackleton at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 18:58:47 AWST 2020

Hi All,

We are, like many businesses, working from home as much as possible - I
have not been in-office for the last fortnight.

Up to this time we have not bothered with an office router that "does a
VPN".  Now a need has arisen and the business owner bought a D-Link
DIR-895L/R, connected to our NBN modem.  This device offers "QuickVPN",
using a pre-shared key.  As a router it's working fine (though it lacks
SIP, we will add on a Cisco ATA)

So far we have not been able to make the VPN gateway work, from Windows or
Linux clients.  We're getting authentication failures, though we have tried
all sorts of combinations of protocols.

I'm interested in ideas and words of experience on the subject:
 - any chance the modem is affecting the VPN?
 - comments on the selected device (is anyone using "QuickVPN"?) and
recommended alternative devices
 - comments on re-flashing the device to DD-WRT which D-Links says is
supported.  My main concern with a re-flashing is that the wi-fi may lose
some of its capabilities - not really a big worry.
 - thoughts about if a VPN using a PSK is really adequate these days, or if
we should not re-flash and start using openVPN with large certificates

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