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stinga stinga at wolf-rock.com
Sat Mar 28 19:32:02 AWST 2020

On 28/03/2020 18:58, Kevin Shackleton wrote:
> We are, like many businesses, working from home as much as possible - 
> I have not been in-office for the last fortnight.
> Up to this time we have not bothered with an office router that "does 
> a VPN".  Now a need has arisen and the business owner bought a D-Link 
> DIR-895L/R, connected to our NBN modem.  This device offers 
> "QuickVPN", using a pre-shared key.  As a router it's working fine 
> (though it lacks SIP, we will add on a Cisco ATA)
> So far we have not been able to make the VPN gateway work, from 
> Windows or Linux clients.  We're getting authentication failures, 
> though we have tried all sorts of combinations of protocols.
> I'm interested in ideas and words of experience on the subject:
>  - any chance the modem is affecting the VPN?
>  - comments on the selected device (is anyone using "QuickVPN"?) and 
> recommended alternative devices
>  - comments on re-flashing the device to DD-WRT which D-Links says is 
> supported.  My main concern with a re-flashing is that the wi-fi may 
> lose some of its capabilities - not really a big worry.
>  - thoughts about if a VPN using a PSK is really adequate these days, 
> or if we should not re-flash and start using openVPN with large 
> certificates

I just use IPFire behind the NBN router, done. (IPCop before that) Just 
port forward everything to the firewall.

Possible overkill, but it works well and it came with 4 network ports 
already !


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