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Chris Hoy Poy chris at hoypoy.id.au
Sun Mar 29 13:26:13 AWST 2020

Hi James ,

Welcome back to the Light

Given most of us are now in isolation and chasing distractions (I think
that's a good assumption anyway) - feel free to post photos of the text
your Linux system is posting, at least some of us will be happy to support

Not sure on who is down southwest, I know of a couple of enthusiasts in
Albany , and suspect more then a few in Collie/Bunbury area.


On Sun, 29 Mar 2020, 12:45 pm James Elliott, <jamesroderickelliott at gmail.com>

> I have been looking at your plug.org.au website, and also the 'meetup'
> one.  I am not sure how to contact you - nearly joined up with meetup site
> by mistake - so I thought I would write to plug at plug.org.au.
> A few months ago I installed Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon) on my Windows 10
> computer in a dual boot system. I have had no problems with Mint until
> recently, and it has become my main OS.  The only reason I go back to
> Windows is when I need to use my CorelDRAW software, which, unfortunately,
> is written for Windows. Recently, when I started my computer, and selected
> Linux, my computer booted into a Linux terminal type screen with error
> messages, and I have not been able to repair the installation, which is a
> shame as it has my life in there. Fortunately, a lot of stuff is backed up
> to an external hard disc (but not everything). If I could get Linux up and
> running again, without losing all my data, it would be great. I don't want
> to go back to Windows.
> I graduated from Murdoch in 2003 with an IT degree which included Linux,
> but that was 17 years ago and I have not kept up-to-date with Linux.
> Apart from wanting to solve this problem, I would like to join your group
> and become proficient in using Linux, again. I live in Collie, (200 km
> south of Perth and 40 km inland from Bunbury). Do you have any members in
> the South West? I'm happy to come to Perth for meetings and other event,
> perhaps when the Corona Virus has gone away.
> Hoping to hear from you soon.
> Jim
> James Elliott BSc(WA) GradDipCompSt(Murdoch) MAACB  JP
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