[plug] NBN failure mode?

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Wed May 6 09:02:29 AWST 2020

Thanks all, it was more a winge by me about using using unskilled
helpdesk staff who follow a windows based script and little
understanding if you cant use the very specific tools they want.  What I
was trying to ask them "can you see any problem at the NBN interface"
similar to what they used to do in the ADSL days.

I am now looking into if its the USB NIC (RTL8153 - I have two now,
different brands but same results) to the NBN box and possibly a kernel
5.4 driver problem but I am hamstrung by time (I need it up for those
working from home) and suitable hardware.


On 6/5/20 8:44 am, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Hi Dean,
> Thank you for posting this detail, and for humbly noting your credentials. Having a decent source of this sort of knowledge is very useful since I, like many PLUGgers I'm sure, am the "expert on everything with a plug" in my communities. I spend a lot of words on "that's not my area" but I do like to be able to follow up with "someone whose area it *is* once said..."
> Cheers,
> Greg.
> On 5/5/20 10:28 pm, Dean Bergin wrote:
>> Hello William,
>> As a network engineer, I deal with nbn issues on an almost daily basis so it's no surprise and somewhat justified for an RSP
>> to ask for you to troubleshoot your end (albeit annoying), but seemingly unfair to ask you to use some abitrary windows-based application. Speedtest.net (web version) and/or iperf should suffice in this case.
>> At this point you though (and assuming you are a residential customer), you have a few options available to you;
>> 1. You could comply and try run their application using an evaluation copy of windows. If ethernet is still a problem, then consider a USB-Ethernet adaptor. All up it wouldn't cost you much except a certain time investment. Heck you could probably do it in a VM on your Linux distro and avoid a bare-metal windows install and trash the thing when you're done with it.
>> 2. You could ignore the RSP's request and demand that the matter be escalated, but the RSP may be within their rights to charge you, if the cause or fault is not with nbn equipment or RSP's backhaul etc. For example your equipment is faulty (could simply be a faulty lead) or perhaps misconfigured.
>> 3. You might choose to move to another RSP that offers better support and potentially better service - The threat of a customer leaving can sometimes also put pressure on an RSP to fix a fault even if it's not theirs but you risk being without service should customer retention fail on their part...
>> Kind Regards,
>> /Dean Bergin/.
>> On Tue, 5 May 2020, 13:31 William Kenworthy, <billk at iinet.net.au <mailto:billk at iinet.net.au>> wrote:
>>     Has anyone seen a failure mode for NBN connections where on a 100/40
>>     account it is only getting ~23/33 (down/up) using speedtests?  I am
>>     hoping to locate to an NBN or ISP fault.
>>     The account is iinet and and trying to work through their overseas
>>     support drones is really frustrating ("plug your laptop directly in the
>>     NBN box" - I dont have a laptop with an ethernet connector", "download
>>     this windows only test software" - seriously, I don't have a windows
>>     machine ...)
>>     Bill K.
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