[plug] Does anyone use a Mac?

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Wed Nov 4 09:07:56 AWST 2020

More specifically, does anyone use a mac that relies on the applesmc kernel module and compiles their own kernel?

Background, during Linux 5.9 the maintainers of the hwmon subsystem broke the applesmc module by introducing a change to make it compile with clang. It appears the module itself worked by fluke since 2007 and the changes they made broke it beyond a "simple" fix.
Of course having it compile by some non-gcc compiler is apparently more important than actually having a functioning system, so they won't revert the patch and it remains broken.

I've fixed it on my system with a significant re-factor of the comms to the SMC, but I'm after the odd sucker/tester to see if it works on anyone elses as Apples SMC has evolved considerably over the years and mine might not be representative.

I'd compile and test it on my iMac at home, but as I remain 2800km away and can't press the power button if it "fails to proceed" the limit of testing is my Macbook Pro.

Is there anyone here that'd be willing to compile up a 5.9 kernel with the patch and test it for me?

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