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Gregory Orange home at oranges.id.au
Wed Oct 28 08:24:44 AWST 2020

(got a bounce on 22/10, trying again)

Thanks everyone for the input. I had a lot of options in the end, and Star Labs were close to the top. In the end I *just* missed a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 great price yesterday, but the price on a Gen 7 with almost identical specs was still great for me, so I've bought it.

I'll (try not to) see if Black Friday deals make me regret my haste!


On 20/10/20 4:34 pm, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm looking to buy a <2kg Linux laptop. This time around, I'd like 99% hardware support, particularly including lid open and close, suspend and resume, because that's the killer feature of my crusty MBP. What are the chances of that with LXDE, or perhaps LXQt now Lubuntu LTS ships with that?
> I don't mind using another distro. 1080p preferable. External monitor(s) required. I don't know much about docks, but I suppose that's a good idea.
> https://certification.ubuntu.com/desktop looks useful - I could spend a bunch of time sifting through options to see what's available in AU. No surprises that Dell and Lenovo feature there.
> Any thoughts? Where to buy?
> Thanks,
> Greg.
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