[plug] Raspberry Pi audio in

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Mon Feb 22 11:34:40 AWST 2021

On 22/2/21 11:04 am, M S R Wood wrote:
> I wasn't very clear in my email. I already have a headset, which works
> with my current Linux PC. However to get audio input with a Raspberry
> Pi, an external sound card is required,
> The PiHut sells an Adafruit audio adaptor, but I've read that it is
> not recommended for microphone input (although it does have audio
> input). Has anyone used this?

G'day Margaret,

No, you were perfectly clear. As I said in my previous response, pretty much any USB-Audio device I've ever used has "just worked".
I've never had an issue with microphone inputs, but then maybe I've been lucky with the cheap-o dongles I've purchased.

Haven't bought one in a while, but here's the first search result I found :

I also have one that looks vaguely like this :

But having said that, given the age of mine the internals are likely completely different.

My point was, I can't recall ever plugging one in and it not working.

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