[plug] PLUG AGM 2021 Meeting

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Wed Jan 13 15:17:05 AWST 2021

Hello PLUG Members,

Regarding the PLUG Annual General Meeting 2021.

Thanks to everyone for attending and including everyone who sent their

See our meeting minutes AGM 2021

We would like to thank the outgoing committee for 2020.
Benjamin, Nick, Peter, Margaret, James and Michel.
Chairperson: Benjamin
Vice Chairperson: Nick
Treasurer: Peter
Secretary: Paul
OCM: Margaret, James and Michel.
Even though we had less in person events. Our committee got a number of
things done in 2020

We would like to welcome the newly elected incoming committee for 2021.
Chairperson: Benjamin
Vice Chairperson: Patrick
Treasurer: Peter
Secretary: Margaret
OCM: Nick, James and Paul
I am sure the new committee has new ideas to make 2021 even better.

We value and appreciate everyone in PLUG and the community who has helped
or attended our events. Please continue to be a part of our group, if you
would like to attend or contribute in any way.

We would like to encourage any member to attend any of our events including
partners, friends or family. If you have any suggestions you can talk to
any of the committee members at the events or email committee at plug.org.au

Thanking you Paul Del
PLUG - Secretary - 2020
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