[plug] Kubumtu 20.0 CPU at 100% - Need help

Juneidy j at awesomest.me
Mon Mar 15 12:44:50 AWST 2021

Hi Stefano,

I am neither familiar with Kubuntu nor dconf-service. But from the sounds of it, it's not KDE specific, so it might affect other Ubuntu users.

But if you are considering taking backup, usually your home dir is all that is required. You can take whole SSD image if paranoid, though it should not be difficult since it's only 32GB.

Others might have a better idea.


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On Sunday, March 14, 2021 7:19 AM, Stefano <spiv13 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I just learned about this group searching for Linux help in perth and joined the group.
> Samsung Ultrabook, 12Gb RAM, 32GB Ssd, 500GB HDD.
> Running Kubuntu 20.04.
> Suddenly CPU is 100% and 'dconf-service' uses more and more memory up to using 11.TGB RAM, then the Computer becomes unresponsive.
> If I stop 'dconf-service'I can access the Terminal.
> The OS is installed on the SSD and all my files are on the HDD.
> If I boot via the USB installation drive, can read through all the drives (SSD, HDD, external 1T HDD etc) but have not been able to do a proper full bacup.
> I do not understand must of the OS and I need some help to fix the problem or get a full backup before I re-install Kubuntu.
> I would consider a donation for some help.
> Keep smiling
> Stefano
> +61 478 916 411 (AU)
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