[plug] Small Business users and Linux?

Shaun Hofer plug_list at holoarc.net
Sat Apr 9 21:29:35 AWST 2022

That was my thinking as we move closer to more SaaS offerings (think 
MYOB is already), on-premise SMB applications will be the exception. 
Therefore ChromeOS and others will take off more. The end user interface 
needs to be intuitive and its something a lot companies get wrong in 
websites and basic applications never mind OS GUI's. One of the major 
hurdles is MS office, trying to get end users off office is like pulling 
teeth. Personally I think Open/Libre Office and G Suite do everything 
you need, but still see a lot of resistance.

Wish Samsung DeX worked with more devices to your point around mobiles 
(e.g. adopted chromecast to cast).


On 9/04/2022 1:29 pm, Onno Benschop wrote:
> Well, not all that long ago there was a dominant operating system for 
> mobile phones, Symbian. That was obliterated by Android and iOS.
> I can see a future where your desktop computer is your mobile phone, 
> thus running either of those two operating systems, one of which is Linux.
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> On Sat, 9 Apr 2022, 11:29 Thomas Cuthbert, <tcuthbert90 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     I'm sure if there was money to be made in this market, Linux
>     vendors would target it. I don't think there is, so not worth
>     investing time and mind. I do not see Linux ever being useful as a
>     consumer computing platform. The minimum level of computing
>     literacy required to be productive is too high for the general
>     population, who aren't emotionally attached to technology, they
>     just want things to work and perform the functions they paid for.
>     Microsoft and Apple win here because they aren't run by a
>     committee and beholden on external technology stakeholders.
>     On Fri, 8 Apr 2022, 4:40 pm Onno Benschop, <onno at itmaze.com.au> wrote:
>         The discussion here around SOE and different levels of support
>         by Red Hat and others leads me to start a conversation around
>         users who are not part of a corporate office, the people whom
>         I generally work with, the small and micro businesses, the
>         ones that account for most of the GDP in the country, the ones
>         that are by enlarge shackled to the Microsoft ecosystem, where
>         rebooting for regular updates is "normal", where antivirus
>         software is a source of revenue for suppliers, but has
>         absolutely no value for the person paying, where backups are
>         done on a decade old USB stick that may or may not be actually
>         working, where offsite means in your backpack or bedside table
>         at home.
>         I'm not talking about the semi computer literate people, some
>         of whom might dabble with Linux on the side, I'm taking about
>         businesses that are required to use MYOB because that's what
>         their accountant uses.
>         What I want to know is what is being done about those people?
>         What's being done for students using their first serious computer?
>         What about the local corner store that uses excel to track
>         stock, or the farmer who has a bunch of worksheets to track
>         their stock breeding program?
>         What is being done about those people? How are people like Red
>         Hat, Canonical and others working towards those people?
>         What are YOU doing about it?
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