[plug] Sobering read on the reality of open source software development

Yuchen Pei ycp at gnu.org
Tue Mar 22 06:48:13 AWST 2022

Yeah sustainability of free software is a tricky problem, similar to
other the sustainability of public goods like journalism, research and
art.  I'm not sure whether it is a consequence of tolerating proprietary
software, or neoliberalism, or both.

On Mon 2022-03-21 11:44:34 +0800, Onno Benschop wrote:

> The centralisation of software and media are both following the same path. As a
> software developer and podcaster, I'm contributing more than most to the likes
> of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, AWS and others. None of this generates
> income.

I don't quite understand this bit.  How are you contributing to these
platforms?  If none of this generates income, why would you keep
contributing to these platforms?  Or is it an involuntary kind of
contribution, like people publish your work on these platforms without
your consent?


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