[plug] More: USB-C multi-port dock

Gregory Orange home at oranges.id.au
Tue Mar 22 20:30:31 AWST 2022

Hi Rob,

On 22/3/22 20:08, Rob Phillips wrote:
> In December, I posted about USB docking stations.
> It took almost 3 months to receive this product, which is why I can only
> report my observations now.

Thanks for remembering to post back after the delays.

> There were serious technical problems with the product, which includes a
> DisplayLink chip to manage the potential two external HDMI monitors.
> It installed easily on my Linux computer. However, when I used the dock
> with an external monitor, the mouse became very 'laggy' and was almost
> impossible to use. Luckily, I had an HDMI port on my laptop and I could
> use this.

I recall mentioning my Lenovo setup, which after some trouble with
Lubuntu (installed fine, basically did not work), has been fine with
plain Ubuntu and driving 2 monitors. Sure enough, the proprietary
drivers I had to install were the same as for you - DisplayLink. It does
seem to use a fair bit of CPU which I'm less than thrilled about, and
I'm also worried about what happens come upgrade time, although LTS
makes that sufficiently far away that I might be fine.

Gregory Orange

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