[plug] wu.ftpd problem

Paul Wilson hooker at opera.iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 5 12:46:09 WST 1998

A while ago, I installed what was then the latest Slackware release (3.4 I
believe) with no immediately apparent problems. For the first time in ages
(OK, for the first time since 3.4!) I tried to ftp to my Linux box last


Basically, with suitable persuasion, wu.ftpd tells syslog that :

getpeername (./wu.ftpd): Socket operation on non-socket

I just know that I've seen a similar message from inn a year or so ago, but
can't remember what caused it, or, more importantly, how I made it go away,
and inn to work.

BTW, I get the same result regardless of whether or not /etc/ftpaccess is




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