[plug] Come to the masquerade ball . . .

John Darrington j.darrington at student.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jul 9 20:51:56 WST 1998

Well thanks to Gary and others who filled me in on all the idiosyncrasies
of  IP routing and masquerading.

I was of course aware that 192.168.*.* was for private networks, but didn't 
realise this was enforced by the software.  I thought its was just convention.
A little thought, would have revealed that it couldn't possibly work like this,
but hey, I'm only a programmer!

The story so far:  

I got everything working perfectly.  Then I rebooted. And it doesn't work any 
more .  I can't remember what I did to get it working!  So I have got to read the
Howto tonight.  If I don't get it working tomorrow, people are going to loose 
confidence and might resurrect their Wingate, and that's one piece of software
which I really don't want to see again.  So if anyone can think of anything 
amazingly useful, then send me a message tonight.

In the mean time, can anyone think of how to set the gateway up, so that it
will dial the ppp link on demand, and shut it down after a pre-determined 
inactivity period?



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