[plug] The UCC as a meeting place, Assassin's CS vote

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Fri Jul 10 07:49:13 WST 1998

The Thought Assassin wrote:
> A thought I had: we can prolly round up dozens of nodes from the citizens
> of UCC and maybe CS. A cluster on any sort of scale would likely have to
> be done at CS, I was surprised to hear we could fit enough people, let
> alone computers in the UCC room. Did everyone fit OK? What kind of turn
> out was there? Is it viable as a long-term meeting-place?
> Hey, does this count as the first vote for CS? It prolly doesn't count
> because i wasn't at the UCC meet. I imagine it must have gone realy well.

Very few turned up, mostly due to the uncertainty that there was going
to be a meeting at all. Those that did, met in the UCC's loft area.
There is a virtual tour of the place at:


...so you can go and look at it now if you like. I guess you could fit
forty people compfortably into that one space.

There's a lot of floor area in adjacent hallways and things as well. If
need be, we could probably overflow into UniSFA as well. Having several
subgroups would allow, for example, clustering by problem-type, and also
keep the background noise to a dull roar.

They have an existing junk-food reticulation and accounting system
including an on-line Cake machine stocked with things like Jolt. If
anyone's feeling ambitious, they might like to assist the UCC with
putting their snack machine on-line too.

They have history, things like genuine PC-not-even-XT motherboards,
ST-412 hard drives, working Suns, Vaxen, NeXTs and such like. And heaps
of VT-220s and similar for playing character-based MUDs.

It's a viable long-term meeting place. (-:

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