[plug] Disaster

summer root at os2.ami.com.au
Wed Jul 15 20:13:03 WST 1998

I deleted a partition with OS/2 fdisk and it seems it closed up the
partition table with the result that Linux got thoroughly confused.

The bottom line is that a 1.1 Gb partition containing around 800 Mb now
has a partition type 00.

I can possibly fix it with a dos disk and debug (anyone know of good Linux
tools?) if I can find a copy of debug that will run on DRDOS that's on a
3.5" disk - I have plenty on 5.25" disks. 

About the only way I see to backup the data is to buy a new HDD. So the
question arises,

Does Linux have any problems with EIDE disks > 8 Gb or so?

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