[plug] Timezone

Neil Hunt grover at technologist.com
Sat Jul 25 10:46:52 WST 1998

G'day all,
I'm having real problems with Netscape reading my timezone...  It is set
up according to instructions sent by one of the readers, but insists
that I am in GMT.  Here's the ususual part, if I send mail from Pine, it
reads the timeszone correctly (ie +0800), but Netscape in X won't...

So the question is, is anyone out there using Netscape to send and
receive their mail, and if so, is a) your timezone set correctly, and
b)how did you do it?

The strange thing is, though, before I had to reinstall last week (I
deleted all files associated to root (don't ask)), it all worked
perfectly... :(



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