[plug] Timezone

Neil Hunt grover at technologist.com
Sat Jul 25 18:23:35 WST 1998

Neil Hunt wrote:

> G'day all,
> I'm having real problems with Netscape reading my timezone...  It is set
> up according to instructions sent by one of the readers, but insists
> that I am in GMT.  Here's the ususual part, if I send mail from Pine, it
> reads the timeszone correctly (ie +0800), but Netscape in X won't...
> So the question is, is anyone out there using Netscape to send and
> receive their mail, and if so, is a) your timezone set correctly, and
> b)how did you do it?
> The strange thing is, though, before I had to reinstall last week (I
> deleted all files associated to root (don't ask)), it all worked
> perfectly... :(
> Help...
> Neil

  Hmmmm....I just came back from Phantom, and the damn thing is now
working, I'll never understand the inticacies of it all... :)


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