[plug] New PC for linux

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Sat Jul 25 11:24:59 WST 1998

> know but we found out the modem is a "Web Excel 56K Internal Modem" modem.
> I can't find out if this is a win modem or not, does anyone here know
> if this modem will work with linux?
It will work, but I dont recommend it. Web excel suck :)
33.6 web excels are umm ok, but the 56k models have given us soo many
problems. Go for a 'name' brand such as banksia/netcomm/simplemodem/usrobotics/....

But to answer your question, it will work with linux (I myself have a web
excel 33.6 and it most certainly isnt a winmodem.) just I dont recommend
buying it if they can afford a better one.

-Netway Technologies

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