[plug] linux driver for SiS 5598

Leon Brooks leon at smileys.net
Sun Oct 4 09:22:21 WST 1998

jon kitchin wrote:
> > > It goes OK in 8bpp but in 16bpp it has troubles
> > > the cursor had a small square attched so I used the
> > > option "sw_cursor" and this was fixed
> > > the  file README.XFC0m_SiS had some options so
> > > I tried the option "noaccel" but the screen looks as though
> > > the bottom is in the middle so I tried the
> > > Weight 555
> > > which I saw in some stuff on the riva128

> > > does anyone know what else I can try??

> > 24 bpp?

> well I tried out 24bpp and 32bpp as well
> the 24bpp has a color screen but the buttons bring up the
> start menu only
> 32bpp is not run with this chip was the screen msg
> so maybe the 686MX PR233 chip is only usable in 8bpp
> or the ASUS SP97-V board can only run in 8bpp
> or maybe the new SiS driver XFCom_SiS is only 8bpp
> it was only released on 24 August last month

Perhaps it is a 686-specific bug. I haven't used one so am not familiar
with what these are or how to deal with them, but I seem to remember
something about having to recompile things with a recent gcc. If there's
someone on this list who does use 686es that could comment?

PS, while on the subject, can anyone tell me about WinChip?

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